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Masai Mara tribe of East Africa are one of the beautifully dressed people of Africa.They occupy the lands of Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania,primarily the famous Masai Mara,Serengeti,Amboseli and few other regions.It is said that Masai tribe reached East Africa sometime in 15th Century from valley of lower Nile. 

The colorful, elegant dressing , intricate ornaments and jewelries are part of  their tradition

The Modern life style or its pattern has not embraced Masai culture fully. The old culture is still thriving as do good & bad practices.Yet, modern education is slowly reaching them, as do the newer religions and medications.

Being a pastoral community, their daily life is centered around tending cattle herds.The tribes live in a small community and move across the land looking for green pastor. Cattle is the prized possession of the tribe.In the past,Masai men hunt for Lions.The Lion hunting is not just for a trophy,but to protect the cattle.

Due to increased government interference,designating their habitat land under national parks, wildlife reserve had made them to move out their homeland and adopt to modern lifestyle for survival.Yet the lifestyle still move around cattle and green pastures.

Jumping Dance ,Masai people are known for this dance.In this event,Men form a small circle and every member march toward center and jump maintaining a narrow posture.During the jumping dance, other members do raise the pitch of the chorus .As the height of the jump increases as do chorus pitch.

The Masai people are still in the boundaries of past and present or old and new.Their lifestyle and culture are threatened by the government policies,wildlife conservationist,tourist and dwindling animal kingdom.At the same time,new changes do bring more comfortable lifestyle,closure to modernity and technology, better health care,lesser mortality.

As do like in other developing culture modernity is knocking the doors; bringing both comfort, betterment and as well challenging the old customs,traditions and the life engulfed with nature and wildlife.

Masai way to lit fire


Note: All the photographs of this blog are taken using Nikon D3s + Sigma 50mm/f1.4 Lens.


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