Kenko Extension Tubes

Posted by Prabhakaran Sambandam on

Quite impressed with the quality of the extension tubes. Just getting into macro photography and bought these tubes to use in class. They are a perfect fit for my Canon 5 D M II and Much better in 7D M II. I use these regularly for macros of bugs and flowers. They are solid, and one can stack them in any combination, up to 68mm. Took some pretty good photos with them and I'm sure i will get many more great photos with these extensions in the future.

I've been blown away with the quality and ease of use of them! Even with my standard lenses they work wonders. The great advantage in Kenko ET is all “L” lenses get Auto Focusing and makes you easy to click the pictures. KENKO ET - a great addition to my Accessories and also give a permanent place in my Back bag !!

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