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Features of the “HDR Mode” in 5 D M III

  • Eliminates blowout and black crush caused by drastic
  • contras brightness
  • Supports handheld photograph
  • Automatically records images in the JPEG format even when
  • you shoot in the RAW setting
  • Setting “Adjust dyn range” to [±3] is recommended
  • The edges of the images are cropped when [Auto Image Align 
  • Is enabled


     The HDR mode on the EOS 5D Mark III allows you to enjoy on the camera itself. Not only so, by setting [Auto Image Align] to [Enable], you can produce handheld HDR shots without the use of a tripod, as slight misalignments in the position that occurs due to camera shake or during the continuous shooting process are automatically corrected within the camera. Since merging is carried out automatically inside the camera, you can view the resulting HDR image on the rear LCD monitor. For HDR photography enthusiasts, a pleasing advantage of these features is that you can enhance the quality of your works while photographing successive handheld shots. This allows for shooting styles not possible in conventional HDR photography, which requires merging of images on a PC after they are captured. However, note that the edges of the images will be cropped when Auto Image Align is enabled, so the angle of view of the resulting image may appear slightly narrower than what you see through the viewfinder.


the below shot taken in Available light 

tripod used 

Canon 5 D M III WITH 17-40 LENS 

IMAGE COURTESY : Threads & Knots -Vellore 


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