Exposure bracketing !

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Right from cellphone cameras to High end DSLR has HDR features, in Other words its called “EXPOSURE BRACKETINGS “

In Latest Cameras the camera itself processed the bracketing shots (RAW) exposures and gives you the end results in JPEG files.


There are a number of ways you do HDRs. If you are shooting in AUTO mode with exposure bracketing turned on, your camera will do all of the work for you. It will occur as a sequence of three shutter releases. That’s because your camera just took 2 extra pictures for the one it automatically selected


But In my own experience the End results

in AUTO mode would be a very emotionless, where as I use in Manual mode one can feel the rich details makes you more perfection in the exposure and moods to produce a dramatic results Also one easily choose by Adjusting 3 different shutter speed (in some cameras you can do up to 9 exposures bracketing’s for a single shot) or different Aperture and even some times changing the ISO also do the wonders .


Here I took 3 different shots set with different Aperture with same ISO AND SHUTTER SPEED!  (most of the time i do with same aperture with  3 different shutter speeds) Manual mode in Hand held shots

But I would suggest using a strong and sturdy tripod. If its bright sunny day you can click Hand held shots with fast exposures like 1/250 or 1/500!

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