The world smallest and lightest “pocketable full-frame” 
camera is here. 
The environment that surrounds shooting and art creation is
undergoing radical changes. In this day and age when one user may
have both a high-performance interchangeable lens camera and a
smartphone camera, using them flexibly according to specific
purposes and settings, SIGMA stopped and questioned the inherent
value of a digital camera.
As a result, SIGMA set itself to develop a user-oriented digital
camera that reflected the idea of “how a camera can be” in a more
flexible and true-to-life manner, without conforming to manufacturers'
ideas of camera-centric categories and hierarchy.
Superior options in artistic picture & video creations
The SIGMA fp is a frontrunner in incorporating functions that help
exploring the photographic and cinematic creations. For instance, in
addition to a number of different color modes, the SIGMA fp has
newly introduced the “Teal and Orange” mode, inspired by the color
grading technique commonly used in Hollywood films. Each mode
has a slider that enables adjustment of the strength of the effects to
apply, providing even greater control in one's creations. The SIGMA
fp is the first SIGMA camera to employ a tone curve adjustment
function in addition to "Fill Light", a special adjustment function of
SIGMA Photo Pro, and they are both available in-camera. It has also
newly introduced "TONE" and "COLOR" buttons for a quick access to
each of the tone control and color mode menus. With these
enhanced functions and a variety of operation elements, the SIGMA
fp makes it simple and easy to create an image, in-camera with great details, be it stills or video.

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