NIKON 70-210 MM F 4-5.6 LENS

  • Its  a sharp lens under almost all conditions. This is unusually good performance for any zoom lens.
  • The bokeh effect is well through 70-210mm.
  • It has a very, very slightly cool color rendition.
  • One full turn of the AF screw focuses the lens from infinity to just 17.' That's why this lens focuses so fast.
  • If a slow f/5.6 maximum aperture is OK for you then this is a ideal gear for the shoot
  • The 70-210 AF-D lens focuses faster than any of the 80-200 f/2.8 lenses and faster than any other telephoto zoom lens.

Rental Plan Details
Rent Per Day No. of Days
Rs. 300.00 1-3 days
Rs. 250.00 4-7 days
Please call us at +919884953122 for more than 7 days

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