Venus Optics is offering photographers the first native option to get started
in the world of wide-angle macro photography with theLaowa 15mm f/4
Macro Lens, available here for full-frame Canon EF-mount cameras.
Before now, wide-angle macro required the use of extension tubes and
other workarounds, but now the Laowa 15mm Macro offers true 1:1
magnification without the hassle. The ultra-wide perspective on full-frame
cameras allows users to get exceptionally close to their subjects with a
minimum focus distance of just 4.7", and have them fill the frame, while still
capturing the background for more informative scenes. Internal focusing
further assists by not disturbing your subject, even when you reach the 0.2"
minimum working distance.
Optically, it is designed to minimize distortion that plagues wide-angle lenses with
the use of an advanced 12 element in 9 group construction with one extra-low
dispersion and three high-refractive elements. A multi-layer low-reflective coating
further improved image quality by reducing the appearance of flare and ghosting.
Also, when used on APS-C cameras, or in crop modes, the lens offers +/- 6mm of
vertical shift which can help correct for perspective when shooting objects such as
Full manual operation is required with this lens through the use of a physical
aperture ring with a range of f/4 to f/32 and a large focusing ring. A flat front element
provides room for a 77mm front filter thread for using a selection of specialized filters
to enhance your scene. Additionally, it has a near circular 14-blade diaphragm for
smooth out of focus elements and comes with a lens hood.
Ultra-wide 110° angle of view on full-frame cameras.
The wide-angle lens offers a 35mm equivalent focal length of 24mm with an
85° angle of view when used on APS-C cameras bodies or in crop modes.
Wide aperture range of f/4 to f/32.
Lens construction features 12 elements in 9 groups with 3 high-refractive
elements and on extra-low dispersion element.

Minimum focus distance of 4.7" with a minimum working distance of just 0.2".
Manual focus and aperture control.
When used with APS-C cameras, the Laowa 15mm Macro can utilize +/-6 mm
of vertical shift to help correct perspective.
True 1:1 magnification allows photographers to capture life-sized images of
their subjects while still providing infinity focus for use as a standard wide-
angle lens.
Near-circular 14-blade aperture diaphragm provides smooth out-of-focus
Accepts 77mm threaded filters.

Life-Size Image Reproduction: The lens allows for continuous focusing down to 1:1 life-size. Optional extension tubes can increase this ratio for even greater magnification.


L-Series Optical Quality: As a Canon L-series optic, the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM Lens can be counted among the sharpest, best-built, weatherproof optics available for Canon EOS SLR cameras.


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